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Transforming Emotional Pain: An Emotion-Focused Workbook


Transforming Emotional Pain presents an accessible self-help approach to mental health based on Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT). - by Aman Kwatra (Author), Ladislav Timulak (Author), Sharon Lu Huixian (Author), Ciara Joyce (Author), Mary Creaner (Author)

Based on the principles of EFT, and developed by clinicians and researchers, this client-focused workbook is designed to supplement psychotherapy and can also serve as a self-help book. It will help readers learn how to regulate feelings that are unpleasant and transform painful feelings, so that they can fulfil their needs and feel more connected and empowered in their lives.


Providing a step-by-step sequential guide to exploring, embracing, and transforming emotions, the various chapters guide the reader to help overcome emotional avoidance, with sections on: transforming the emotional self-interrupter; transforming the inner self-worrier; transforming the self-critic; and healing from emotional injury.

This workbook can be used by trained therapists, mental health professionals, psychology professionals, and trainees as supplementary to their therapeutic interventions with clients. It can also be used by general readers with an interest in self-help literature and resources or anyone wanting to explore, embrace, and transform their emotions.

Book Endorsements:

"This much-awaited book is the first of its kind, and unlike any other in the self-help genre. Rich practical exercises, based on sound science, explore an insightful vision of this workbook can usher people through the steps of transforming their feelings."

-Antonio Pascual-Leone, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, University of Windsor, Canada

"For readers eager to opening doors to a deeper understanding of themselves and our most challenging, yet most transformational experiences: our emotions. A wonderful resource to better know what you feel and what you need to understand your pain and how to change it."

- Carla Cunha, Ph.D. Associate Professor at University of Maia

Available in Paperback, Hardcopy and E-Book edition at leading bookstores worldwide, including: 




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